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The Dasher II is a hybrid cucumber with a dark green, smooth skin. This slicing variety has a shorter plant with smooth skin and thin skin. It has a high yield and is resistant to scab, anthracnose, and cucumber mosaic virus. This slicing variety also requires a pollinator and matures in 6 to 10 days. You can grow this cucumber in containers or in your own garden.

The best cucumbers for pickling are the burpless variety. They have a crisp, mild flavor and mature in 55 days. You can purchase seeds from Burpee. You can also grow ‘Fanfare’ cucumbers, which are eight to nine inches in length and are highly resistant to downy mildew. These plants are also easy to grow and are suited for home gardeners because of their disease-resistant nature.

This vegetable is very reliable and can grow up to five pounds per plant. Some of the best varieties for pickling are the Calypso, Diva, and Spacemaster 80. If you’re growing a trellised cucumber, you should plant it six to eight feet apart. You can also grow ‘Lemon Cucumber’, which is parthenocarpic and produces eight to eleven inches long fruit. The ‘Long Green Improved’ variety features a slicing-friendly shape, a bright emerald color, and small, narrow leaves.

The National Pickle is a hybrid variety that was developed at the Michigan Agricultural Experiment Station. The National Pickle has six-inch fruits and a thin skin. This variety grows very fast and is resistant to mosaic virus and is ready to harvest in 55 days. Another heirloom cultivar is the ‘Parisian Pickling’ cultivar. This heirloom cucumber first appeared in seed catalogs in 1892 and was extensively used in commercial production in Europe in the 19th century.

The Dasher II cucumber is an excellent pickling variety. It grows between two and four inches. It is a good choice for a compact garden and is a reliable cucumber. While the cucumber is popular and easy to grow, it does not produce a large amount of fruit. It is best to pick regularly as this will encourage more fruit to grow. You can also plant it in a trellised area.

The Diva cucumber is a great choice for slicing and pickling. Its four to six-inch fruit has an odorless, crisp texture and is parthenocarpic. It grows to about six to eight inches long, making it a convenient pickling variety for small gardens. It is disease-resistant and suited for containers. The Diva and Bush Champion are great for pickling.

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