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Handmade Glass Greenhouse Terrarium

This unique and beautiful creation
Is from the heart and hands of Urban Born
A master of greenhouses and terrariums
His art is seen in this work of his
He has taken his love of plants and shown it
In this wonderful glass greenhouse
It is large and filled with greenery
And a place for plants to grow and thrive
He has given us this beautiful present
Thank you, Urban Born, for this work of art!


33 in stock


10.25″ x 9.75″ x 6.5″


Beautify any indoor space with an elegant Urban Born “Brass Greenhouse,” a prismatic glass terrarium that lets more plants into your home or business.

Don’t deprive the miracle of nature just because you’re indoors.

INCANDESCENT GARDEN Suitable for plants such as tillandsia, mosses, ferns, cacti, and Venus flytraps.

Quite a few types of low-maintenance plants will brighten up an area as easily as pleased guests.


Holds a full bed of substrate and as many plants as possible.

Take care, now!  Urban terrariums are not waterproof

and plants should be watered with a spray bottle or a mister and not enclosed within an animal.

Set into a frame with glass panes, our “Brass Greenhouse” terrarium brings any display in your home or office to life.

Fill it with real or faux succulents and potted plants.

This is a versatile terrarium for any desert and forest succulents or your own keepsakes to behold in any space.

Sturdy handmade glass and steel materials incorporate into this terrarium’s design

and its hinged door makes watering straightforward.

This terrarium enhances any living environment with its superior aesthetic appeal.

This elegant Urban Born “Brass Greenhouse” is the perfect way to add a touch of nature to any indoor space.

The large, glass terrarium features a brass frame and base, adding a touch of luxury to your home.

Perfect for plants, flowers, or even as a display case, the greenhouse is sure to brighten up any room.


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33 in stock

Handmade Glass Greenhouse Terrarium

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