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Greenhouse Hoops Gardening Plant Grow Support

Greenhouse hoops help me keep my plants alive
Through the cold winters and the blistering heat
I wouldn’t be able to garden without them
They are a hoop of salvation for my garden
Thank you Greenhouse hoops, for supporting my plants



Get ready to grow your plants in a whole new way with Greenhouse Hoops!

These easy-to-use, flexible bend stakes plant support frames are perfect for keeping your plants upright and growing strong.

Made of durable plastic, these hoops can be reused over and over again, making them a great value for your gardening needs.

1. These fibrous hoops are made entirely from fiberglass, are extremely indestructible, and are reusable for several years after they are acquired. They remain impervious to changing weather throughout the year and can withstand a variety of environmental forces.
2. Suitable for outdoor growing environments, shade cloth, and the preparation of plant compost fertilisers, the mulcher is sets up to cultivate a thriving environment for quick growth of seedlings.
3. You can place this covering to work with a greenhouse, latitudes, in fact, any sorts of plants that should not suffer the cold temperatures of frost, birds, or the harsh rays of the sun.
4. They can also be used in conjunction with a plant fence for protecting your garden plants.

5. Consider and install in veggie gardens, yards, and raised garden beds.

Instructions for Use:
1. Insert the hoop into the soil.
2. Connect a certain number of hoops with connectors according to your needs.
3. Bend the hoops and insert the other side into the soil.
4. Cover the greenhouse film on the stand and secure it with the clips.

Product Name: Greenhouse Hoops
Product Material: fiberglass

Packing List:
Type A: Garden Hoop*25pcs
Type B: Garden hoop*50pcs



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Greenhouse Hoops Gardening Plant Grow Support

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