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Indoor Plant Pest Control Spray

Flee flies, flying fleas, spiders, too
They shouldn’t be in view
Let’s drive them away with a spray spritz or two
For our beloved plants we must do
A powerful mist will help keep pests away
As they buzz and crawl around the bouquet
And protect the flowers that bloom all day
With indoor plant pest control spray
Defending our foliage right away
The garden safe from mites for another day.


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Get Rid of Mealy Bugs for Good!

Our Indoor Plant Pest Control Spray is the perfect solution for those pesky mealy bugs.

With plant care essentials like organic pest control, your plants will be healthy and happy in no time.

Introducing Plant Essentials Indoor Plant Pest Control Spray, your one-stop solution for natural and organic pest control.

Our carefully crafted formula kills mealy bugs on contact while ensuring the safety of your plants.

Unlike other sprays, ours is non-harmful and made with 100% natural ingredients to keep your indoor greenery healthy and free from disease.


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33 in stock

Indoor Plant Pest Control Spray

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