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Pure Alpaca Manure Already Composted

This is some high-quality manure!
It’s 100% pure alpaca and already composted.
Just spread it around and water it in-
Your plants will love you for it!


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Ready to Use! 1 gallon zipper lock bag (guaranteed to hold at least 5 pounds)

Alpaca feces is fabricated from already composted, pre-enriched manure.

It’s magnificent for those plants. They will sprout in just a couple weeks, matured and ready for harvest!

You don’t have to retype, prepare tea, or any other approach; just scoop right out of the bag and simply hit your soil! Alpaca poo is outstanding for all those vegetables.

Watch your vegetation develop quicker when it has to do with cleaning out your vegetation with manure.

Backyard compost has been scientifically analyzed, but it’s by no means the only kind that we use for plants in our yard or our house.

If you reside in an urban area, this is a convenient and economical option for you.

Looking for an environmentally friendly and sustainable alternative to traditional fertilizers?

Look no further than 100% pure alpaca manure! Already composted and ready to use, this premium organic fertilizer is perfect for gardens of all sizes.

Alpaca manure is high in nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium – the three main ingredients in plant growth – making it an ideal choice for boosting your garden’s productivity.


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33 in stock

Pure Alpaca Manure Already Composted

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