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Straight Eight Cucumber Seeds

Straight Eight Cucumber Seeds Heirloom,
A reminder of Grandma’s homestead room.
Picked from her garden so dear,
The taste of a time gone clear.
Fragrant and crisp, their texture divine
Gracing a summer salad in its prime.
Enjoyed by each plant enthusiast lad,
Knowing the fruits of true joy are had.



Cucumbers so crisp, they’ll make your jaw drop.

These heirloom Straight Eight cucumber seeds produce cucumbers that are extra crisp and juicy.

Perfect for salads, sandwiches, and snacking, these cukes will make your jaw drop.

Grow your own unique, delicious heirloom cucumbers with Straight Eight Cucumber Seeds Heirloom!

This special variety of cucumber is easy to grow and produces large fruits with a mild flavor.

Perfect for adding crunch and texture to salads or pickling, these classic heirloom varieties are sure to please.

The high-yielding plants have a long vigorous growing season and develop deep green cylindrical fruits that are ready to harvest in just 70 days.

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30+ Count, 90+ Count


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Straight Eight Cucumber Seeds

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