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Fish Bone Meal- Organic Fertilizer Soil Amendment

Fish bone meal natural and pure,
from creatures beneath the sea’s floor;
this nutrient rich amendment will ensure,
your plants need not ask for more.
This fertilized soil sustains and protects,
growing blooms of vibrant hues;
in this meal your garden reflects,
natural nitrogen plus phosphorus too.
For healthy gardens just add fish bone meal,
it’s an organic solution that will never fail!



The Secret to a Green Thumb:

Fish Bone Meal- Organic Fertilizer Soil Amendment, Natural Nitrogen & Phosphorus 100 Crushed Fish B.

This organic fertilizer is perfect for gardeners who want to give their plants a natural boost.

Made from 100% crushed fish bones, this soil amendment provides essential nutrients that help plants thrive.

Fish Bone Meal-Organic Fertilizer Soil Amendment is designed to give your garden and lawn the nutritional advantage they need.

It provides natural nitrogen and phosphorus which encourages stronger roots, improved plant health, better yields and brighter blooms.

Derived from 100% crushed fish bone, this all natural soil amendment helps promote vigorous vegetative growth while improving water retention and soil structure.

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1 lb, 3 lb, 6 lb


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Fish Bone Meal- Organic Fertilizer Soil Amendment

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