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25M DIY Drip Irrigation System



  • Model Number: 07032020
  • Material: Rubber
  • Type: Watering Kits

Product Selling points:

  • The irrigation tubing is made from high quality, UV resistant materials, and all of the fittings are made from high quality plastic.It is great for agriculture, lawn, garden, patio, greenhouse, swimming pool misting fog cooling irrigation

  • Precise drip watering for green, healthy plant growth with low water usage;Up to 70 percent water savings compared to manual watering.

  • No longer worried about leaving home for holiday, Supports programming to control watering,With a timer,you only need to press the buttons to set the irrigation time and it will water the plants on time;The watering system can water your plants according your desire automatically,don’t worry about your plants any more when you have a long travel.

  • Each dripper can be individually adjusted;You can adjust different drip rates according to the different water requirements of each plant;In the smallest case, the dripper can be completely closed without dripping.

  • If you want to make the hose connected, you need to put the hose into some hot water for 10 seconds before assembling;It will be easier to connect and will be very tight once it cools down.


  • Material:PVC, silicone, rubber

  • Support Water Temperature: 0-40°

  • Support Medium: Clear water

  • Water timer Power Source: 3V, 2pcs 1.5V AAA battery(not included)

Package included:

  • 1x Water timer,1 x 25m PVC Hose,30 x Fixed Rods,30 x Adjustable Drippers,29 x Tee Joints,1 x Seal Tape,1 x Universal Adapter,1 x Quick Faucet Connector,1 x 4/7 Tubing Quick Connector

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25M DIY Drip Irrigation System

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