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DinoSoil Horse Manure Mix

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Dinsoil is the perfect mix
for my horse’s manure pile.
Just the right amount of nutrients
to keep my horses healthy and pristine.
They make a lot of manure,
but with Dinsoil it doesn’t stink.
It’s the perfect mix of ingredients
to keep my horse farm looking great!



If you’re looking for the perfect way to grow your own prehistoric mushrooms, look no further than DinoSoil. This horse manure mix is pasteurized and ready to grow, so you can get started right away.

The sterilized CoCo coir substrate is perfect for growing mushrooms, and the DinoSoil mix provides all the nutrients your mushrooms need to thrive.

Are you tired of your horse’s manure ruining your pasture?

Do you want a more effective way to use your horse’s manure as fertilizer?

DinoSoil Horse Manure Mix is the solution you’ve been looking for!

Pasteurized, Prehistoric Mushroom Growing Medium/Soil; Ready to Grow Sterilized CoCo Coir Based Substrate

DinoSoil Horse Manure Mix follows our age old coco coir / vermiculite / gypsum recipe twisted with the benefits of coffee, local organic earthworm castings and Sulcata Tortoise dung AND Horse Manure.

The DinoSoil Horse Manure Mix has 10% added Horse Manure making this mix perfect for dung loving strains with minor manure oder, and the same fast colonization times you are used too with our original DinoSoil blend.

Unlike anything on the market our Horse Manure mix includes BOTH tortoise dung and horse manure creating a reliable and unique mushroom growing medium suited for a wide range of species. Our product is American-made, offering local pick up or delivery in Southern California.

DinoSoil Horse Manure Mix comes in a 4 mil poly bags with a double seal. Our soils purpose is to be mixed with your colonized mushroom growing medium in a monotub.

If you are looking to grow with Bag Tek please contact us as we take special orders for XLSA Unicorn Grow Bags.

You do not inoculate the soil directly with spores

Don’t wait weeks for substrate!

Not only do Mushrooms benefit from the use of DinoSoil, but we have also gotten rave reviews from many gourmet mushroom growers, house plants, micro greens and outdoor plant owners who love to spoil their plant babies!

When you purchase DinoSoil a portion of all our proceeds goes to our Tortoise Rescue!

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4 reviews for DinoSoil Horse Manure Mix

  1. Christopher Seitz

    Super fast shipping. The new soil is awesome. Perfect field capacity and the horse manure colonized in 5 days and pins by day 7. Outstanding!!!

  2. Andrew Sandoval

    Always great sub I tried the horse manure Dino this run and it’s been a quick colonizer!

  3. Rusty Shackleford

    You can’t go wrong with Twisted Tree Nurserie’s line of products. I’ve used both Dinosoil and the Horse Manure Mixture. They work better than my homemade CVG. Their Tortoise dung agar plates also work wonders for transfer work or starting something new. Always happy from start to finish.

  4. tiger balm

    sterile, almost full colonization in 5 days 👏🏼 🐢🐎 the ultimate winning poo combo 🍄

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