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Goat Manure – Natural Organic Garden Fertilizer

You can’t go wrong
with Goat Manure Natural
Organic Garden Fertilizer.
It’s the perfect way to add
nutrients and improve drainage
in your garden beds. Plus, it’s
a great way to reduce waste
and recycle your goats’ manure.



Are you tired of using chemical fertilizers that harm the environment? Do you want to grow healthier plants and crops without spending too much money?

Our goat manure is the best way to produce healthier plants and crop yields. It’s a natural organic fertilizer that will help you grow your plants faster and bigger.

Our goat manure is perfect for all types of plants, flowers, trees, shrubs, vegetables and fruits. It’s made from 100% organic materials that are safe for kids and pets.

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With our organic goat manure, my team of goats, Sprout and Hazel, would be delighted to help you produce a healthy biomass to farm.

Doesn’t burn plants

Doesn’t typically attract insects

Is odorless – is easily tillable into soil

Is a great choice for organic fertilizer

Enriches soil and improves plant health

Allows more airflow when added into compost piles

Is cold manure and can be added directly to plants and garden areas without having to break down during the composting process goat manure is suitable for

House plants – outdoor gardens – direct application to vegetable and flower gardens

Use as a mid-season garden fertilizer all packing and shipping materials (even the mailer) are made from compostable and/or recyclable materials help save your garden and our planet with your purchase from The Hoodstead

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Goat Manure – Natural Organic Garden Fertilizer

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