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Honey bee metal art wind spinner

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Of all the creatures in the hive,
the honey bee is the one that we admire most.
We watch and wait as they go from flower to flower,
collecting nectar to make their honey.
But what we don’t know, is that these bees are more than just workers-
they’re metal artisans, too!

Their wings are covered in a special metal alloy,
which gives them the ability to fly quickly and carry heavy loads.
And when they get hungry, they use their metallic tongue to hunt down flying prey.

It’s amazing to think about how these creatures have evolved,
and the tools



Introducing the Honey Bee Metal Art Wind Spinner: the perfect way to add a touch of nature to your home décor!

This beautiful wind spinner is made out of sturdy metal and features a honey bee motif, making it a perfect addition to any home.

Spin it around to create a soothing atmosphere, or use it to create a colorful display.

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The Honey Bee Metal Art Wind Spinner Garden Decor is both beautiful and functional.

It features a handcrafted metal frame with honey bee animates that spin in the wind.

It is perfect as a garden decor or to spruce up any room.

Not only is it attractive, but the functionality of the honey bee metal art wind spinner makes it an essential piece for any home.

Check out our newest garden decor listing! This amazing honey bee metal art wind spinner is the perfect gift for any gardener to be used as yard art or garden decor!!

This wind spinner features a beautiful transparent powder coat, which allows the metal characteristics to shine through! We first carefully cut each piece using state of the art cnc laser equipment.

Next we hand polish each piece to a brilliant finish before applying a generous powder coat over the entire piece! This process ensures your wind spinner will last indefinitely and retain its beautiful shine!

Please select the correct size and color you would like and allow 3-5 business days for us to complete and ship your piece! 🙂.

A swivel hanger will be provided with each wind spinner for easy placement. All of our products are made 100% in the USA, using only USA sourced materials!

Additional information


7, 9, 12, 14

Primary color

Copper, Gold

4 reviews for Honey bee metal art wind spinner

  1. freakofnature622

    The online pictures don’t do this piece justice. Cut with such precision and colored beautifully. My fiancée loves it. Thank you.

  2. chalary881

    WOW! This is absolutely beautiful!! 110% worth every single penny! Affordable and gorgeous. Please continue to support this business. They deserve it!!

  3. Scott Mascola

    Seller is very prompt in responding to messages. Shipping was super quick and the package was super secure. The product looks averaging outside.

  4. brenda st laurent

    This is the second one I purchased and I still love it. It will be fun for my grandchild’s pollinator garden!

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