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Rabbit Fertilizer | Bunny Manure

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This is the story, of the Bunny Manure.
The best fertilizer that you’ll ever find.
It’s made from bunnies, who hop around all day.
And their cute little droppings, make the perfect manure.

It’s rich in nitrogen and phosphorus,
And it’s sure to make your plants grow.
So if you’re looking for a natural way,
To give your garden a boost,
Bunny Manure is the answer!



Looking for a unique, all-natural fertilizer for your garden?

Look no further than Bunny Manure!

This organic plant food is made from the droppings of real rabbits, and is rich in nutrients that will help your plants flourish.

Bunny Manure is also great for mulching and can help prevent weeds from taking over your garden.

Rabbit Fertilizer | Bunny Manure | All Natural Organic Plant Food | Gardening | Bunny Berries | Bunny Honey

Fresh Organic Rabbit Berries to turbo-charge your garden with nitrogen.

Rabbit manure is an excellent soil conditioner as it is a pure source of organic matter. With Bunny Berries, your soil improves its soil structure, drainage and moisture retention.

The rich nutrients will benefit the soils microorganisms. Also, worms absolutely love rabbit manure.

We offer several sizes to pick from as each garden need is unique.

For larger quantities, and if you live in the Carolina’s, please contact us directly for bulk discounted rates.

Why should you use a Rabbit Fertilizer?

1) Rabbit manure is non-toxic and odor free, making it the ideal fertilizer to store at home or around other pets and children.

2) Since Rabbit manure is odor free, you can easily use it to fertilize indoor plants and herb gardens!

3) Rabbit manure cannot be over used nor cause damage to delicate plants. It is also completely safe for the environment and the bees ad other wildlife!

4) Rabbit manure does NOT need to be composted or processed to use! Simply bury the desired amount of fertilizer into the soil surrounding your plants and it will soak up the nutrients!

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5 reviews for Rabbit Fertilizer | Bunny Manure

  1. Kasey Sanders

    We loved these so much! We have a friend that has her on little bar in her garage and another friend had created a logo for it and we knew we had to get her some drink chips! The quality of this product is amazing! What we received went above and beyond our expectations. She loves them!!

  2. Adriana

    I ordered 119 customized poker chips for our military cadre callsign night and I cannot emphasize enough how amazing each one came out! Exactly what I asked for and more! Each cadre fell in love with their new personalized poker chip and now keep them in their pocket as their challenge coin! What a great feeling! Thank you so much for your hard work! Highly recommend!!!

  3. Dee Johnson

    The chips turned out better than I imagined. I am thrilled at the quality of the work. I can’t wait until this Friday when I get to share them with my friends – The McNeill Friday Night Driveway Squad. Thank you so much.!!

  4. Winston

    These pieces are definite upgrades to the cubes that came in the box. I like the look of them, but I do wish they were thick enough to stand up. Still, they look great on the table and give the game a more thematic feel.

  5. Andrew Creitz

    These are definitely not stickers, however my only complaint is that they sort of look like them. Initially, I was really bummed because the color of the background wasn’t flesh with the white of the chips, so it was pretty noticeable. Then I was scared they were stickers because of this, but after feeling them and their quality, it’s apparent that they aren’t stickers. All in all, everyone is going to love these things and I definitely do end up recommending these for you! The seller is also very quick to respond and will take care of your every need.

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