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Looking to start your own herb garden?

Seed Grow sponges make it easy and fun!

Just insert a pod into the top of your hydroponic garden system, add water and watch your plants grow.

Each pod is filled with a sterile sponge that helps seeds germinate and thrive.

When your plants are big enough, transplant them into the soil outside.


Our growing sponges are compatible with most indoor hydroponic gardens and are suitable for indoor hydroponic gardens or soil growing, whether indoors or outdoors.

The sponge can be transplanted into the soil. It has a hole at the top that facilitates planting.

If you want the sprout to utilize water before it’s seeds, soak it for at least 3 minutes before using it to place the seeds in the middle hole. This seed starter is prepared to be used for all plants, such as herbs, fruits, vegetables, flowers, and other plant life.

It is a fast way to root seeds and may give a great gift to family members and friends who love gardening.

Product Name: Replacement Root Growth Sponges
Size: 0.79*2.16in

Packing List:
A pack of Growth Sponges (20/50/80 quantity optional)


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Seed Grow Sponges

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