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Six Tips For Growing Organic Basil

Chappy the Gardener is a well-known gardening expert, and in this press release he shares his six top tips for growing organic basil.

This is valuable information for anyone who wants to grow their own herbs, and it is especially timely given the popularity of organic and home-grown foods.

Basil is a versatile herb that can be used in a variety of dishes, and it is relatively easy to grow.

With these six simple tips from Chappy the Gardener, anyone can have a thriving basil plant.

How To Grow Organic Basil

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Basil is a versatile herb with many culinary applications.

Growing basil is easy and provides you with a flavorful addition to your garden or home cooking.

Here are six tips for growing organic basil:

Choose a location

That receives full sun and plenty of moisture.

Basil does best in moist, well-drained soil.

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Plant basil seeds

About 1/8 inch deep and 4 inches apart in loose soils.

Space plants further apart if growing in pots or containers.

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 Keep soil evenly moist

but not soggy.

Water plants regularly

especially during dry periods.

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Basil requires full sun

And plenty of moisture to grow well

Want to grow herbs at home regardless of the seasons and how much sun there is outside?

Pots or Containers

Basil can be grown in pots or containers and can also be grown indoors

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