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how to grow organic white carrots

Although they are often planted in the spring to be harvested during the summer months, many varieties of carrot can be grown all year round.

Some varieties of carrot have different reproductive triggers or taste. In addition, some of these crops require a cool spring season for seed production.

They can be harvested anytime after thinning. Typically, they can remain in the ground until the ground freezes. But, as with most vegetables, the right time to plant a carrot varies from location to location.

Depending on the variety and climate, carrots can be planted anywhere from February to June.

The optimal growing conditions for carrots are cool climates and moderate soil pH. A soil that is rich in humus is the best choice for carrots. Digging the soil to a fine texture is essential.

Avoid adding fresh manure to the soil. The soil should have adequate drainage and should be moist. After the seedlings have emerged, the plants can be transplanted to their permanent home.

Before you plant the seeds, decide how much you need each season.

In summer, you can harvest as many as four pounds of carrots per acre. In winter, you can leave the seeds in the ground for up to ten weeks. In any case, it is best to harvest the last carrots before the ground freezes solid.

If you plant more than enough, it can be difficult to get rid of them.

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