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How to Grow Kale Indoors and in the Garden

Kale is an incredibly nutritious vegetable, and you can easily grow it year-round in Florida. It’s known as a superfood, and is loaded with vitamins A, C, and K, as well as iron and calcium. Its sweet taste makes it a popular choice for growing in your own garden. It also makes an excellent addition to smoothies. Cooking it can make a delicious crispy kale chip, and the leaves will stay fresh for several days.

Plant kale from seed in mid-September to January. It should be planted in a sunny spot with good drainage and a moderate amount of water. Once the plants are established, they’ll grow well in a variety of soils and temperatures. The plant will take roughly 70 to 80 days to harvest the first crop, and 55 to 65 days if you’re starting from transplants. After that, you can pick individual leaves to eat when they’re tender.

If you’re interested in growing kale in Miami, you can start the seeds anytime between September and January. You should plant the seeds in a sunny spot and water them regularly. The plants will require a lot of space, but once they’re established, they’ll thrive. If you’d like to grow kale in Miami, here are a few tips for success. While it’s a difficult plant to grow, it’s easy to get started. It’s also a great vegetable to start if you’re new to gardening.

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