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Do you want a sweet life? Salt!

Do you want a sweet life? Salt!
Novice gardeners often think using salt is a complete disaster in the garden. In fact, using it correctly will help get rid of many pests.
Young onion sprouts (about 5 cm) will be happy if you spray them with saline water for prophylaxis. Dissolve a teaspoon of salt per liter of water and sprinkle this on the onion every 10 days. This solution will also be useful if your onion is sick and starts to rot.
The soil
Sprinkle the soil with salt. 500 g per 10 square meters, and pour with plenty of water. This procedure will destroy many pests in the soil and preserve plantings.
Trees and Shrubs
Are there problem trees? Salt will help you again!
This time, the ratio is 10 liters per 1 kilogram of salt. Preheat the water to dissolve the salt more easily. Water your trees with this solute.
Is the anthill in the wrong place? Sprinkling salt on it will get rid of these pests.
We wish you all healthy and happy garden!

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