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If you’re wondering how much food you need to grow for a year, consider starting small. A square foot garden that yields enough produce to feed one person for a year is a good start. You’ll be surprised by the food you’ll be able to eat every day. After the first year, you can move on to growing tomatoes, cabbage, and pumpkins. Alternatively, you can grow a crop of soil-enriching beans.

For an accurate estimate, make note of your typical weekly diet. For example, if you eat 3 pounds of potatoes each week, that’s about 12 pounds a month, or 144 pounds a year. To get a more realistic estimate, start with common vegetables like tomatoes. These produce a large number of vegetables, while carrots only produce a single vegetable. So, you’ll need a larger garden if you want to grow a lot of different types of vegetables.

Depending on how much you’d like to eat, you can use the calculator to determine how much space you’ll need. If you’re primarily eating fresh, you’ll need less space than someone who preserves their harvest. If you’re planning to grow meat and dairy, you’ll need even more land. However, you can cut down on your grocery bills throughout the year, and possibly eliminate them completely. If you’d rather preserve your harvest for winter use, two acres will do the trick.

You’ll also need to determine how much space you need to grow vegetables. A conventional row garden will need 100 square feet to feed one person for a year, and two acres would be perfect for canning and fresh eating. But if you want to preserve your harvest, you’ll need more space. If you’d rather eat fresh produce, it’ll probably be enough for you to feed one or two people for the rest of the year.

For the most part, vegetables are the most important thing for home-grown food. They’re the most important part of your diet. You’ll need a lot of them to feed one family. But if you’re growing fruits and vegetables exclusively for yourself, it will be easy to get the rest of the food you need. If you’re preserving for the whole year, you’ll need even more space.

So, how big of a garden do I need to grow for a year? In the end, it’s entirely up to you! The only thing that matters is your taste buds and your budget. Nevertheless, you’ll be amazed by how much food you can grow. If you’re not a vegetarian, then a year is not too much. You’ll be able to grow more vegetables than you can possibly eat.

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