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How to grow an organic Louisa

How to grow an organic Louisa

The Louisa plant is very well known, and it also has quite a few species – one of which is the lemongrass with the strong lemon scent

Louisa Growing – Louisa is a strong perennial shrub, used to make tea infusions. Louisa shrub is an easy shrub to grow,

there are a variety of varieties, Louisa lime is the familiar variety.


Plant information:
Organic growth conditions for Louisa:
Sun, water

How to get Louisa for organic growing:
Cutting, blessing, seedling

Disadvantages of Louisa Growing:
When the shrub is small it is particularly weak and takes time to adapt, sensitive to cold (below 2 degrees Celsius).

Irrigation conditions in Louisa cultivation:
Multiple / Medium Irrigation

Light conditions in optimal condition for growing Louisa:
Full sun

Recommended date for planting Louisa:

Pests of the Louisa plant:
Aphids, cold

Is it worth buying a complex breed of Louisa:

Pruning date for Louisa:

Pruning for Louisa:
The pruning should be strong in order to prepare the plant for winter

Louisa plant size:
50- 200 cm

Growth rate in Louisa:
Rapid growth (in summer)

Louisa can also be grown in a pot:

Flowering plant:
Flowering date for Louisa:
Summer (July – September)

General information about the Louisa flower:
A small white flower which does not bear seeds

Dilution of Louisa Blossom:
It is recommended to dilute the louisa blossom, which causes the plant to weaken

Edible leaves:
Date of Velvet Leaves:
All year with priority for summer

Proper leaf pruning in Louisa:
If the shrub is strong whole branches can be plucked, if the shrub is smooth remove the mature leaves without harming the young

About Louisa:
Arrow-shaped leaves, light green to dark green depending on sun exposure
Use of Louisa:
Tea, spice

1. Encourages normal digestive processes

Suffering from digestive problems? Drink a cup of hot tea made from lemongrass. Consuming this drink on a daily basis helps to reduce intestinal cramps, nausea and pains associated with the digestive process, so if you suffer from them, it will help you gain immediate relief in a particularly tasty way. In addition, it is recommended to consume it if you tend to suffer from diarrhea, especially because in such a situation you lack fluids in the body, and the tea can return them.

2. Prevents airway congestion

If you are coughing endlessly or even just suffering from a stuffy nose, make yourself Lemongrass tea, as it can help open your airways effectively. The compounds found in this herb can break down the mucus that accumulates in the airways effectively, thus also preventing the possibility that harmful bacteria will accumulate in these systems.

3. Reduces anxieties

Smelling Louisa lime essential oil helps prevent stress and anxiety and keep a clear and calm head after a busy day. This is because there are compounds in the plant that balance the hormones in the body, which helps to avoid situations where we are overwhelmed by hormones that affect our mood and mind.

4. Strengthens the muscles

One of the most special properties of tea made from lemongrass and not present in other types of tea, is its ability to prevent damage to muscles during exercise, without impairing muscle development or endurance – according to a study published in 2010. The antioxidants in lemongrass help eliminate acids from the body The milk that is excreted after straining the muscles, and there are even athletes who tend to massage them with lemongrass louise oil.

5. Contributes to the resilience of the immune system

Everyone knows that in order to protect the body from oxidative stress one needs to consume antioxidants, and fortunately Louisa lime is rich in them. The reduction in oxidative stress in the body is directly linked to an increase in the amount of white blood cells, which are the first line of defense of the immune system. Therefore, if you want to avoid diseases and infections, make it a habit to drink lemongrass Louisa tea daily or combine it with the foods you prepare.

6. Prevents skin problems

Essential oil extracted from lemongrass can help you in a variety of ways, one of which is a facial massage that can improve skin elasticity, prevent acne and reduce the appearance of scars. In addition, the oil can be used to treat eczema, and for this you only need to mix an equal amount of it and base oil, apply the mixture on the skin and rinse after 10 minutes. Note, however, that there are people whose skin is sensitive to lemongrass, and if your skin starts to itch or burn, rinse the mixture immediately – if you are worried, consult a dermatologist before trying these home remedies.

7. Helps to lose weight

Green tea is a drink that is recommended for drinking for anyone starting a diet, as is lemongrass tea – where you will find only 2 calories, so it is no less recommended. Drinking tea also helps prevent cravings for foods, so it is advisable to consume it between meals so as not to succumb and eat fatty snacks during the diet. In addition to all these, lemongrass has the ability to accelerate the burning of fat in the body, so it is definitely a plant that should be included in the daily diet, if you are trying to lose weight.

8. May fight cancer cells

A study found that a substance called citral found in lemongrass oil has the ability to kill cancer cells. Although the results were tested only under controlled laboratory conditions, in order to consume the same amount of citral used in the experiment, one should drink tea with only one gram of lemongrass. It can not harm, and given the many health benefits this plant has, this drink can certainly be beneficial.

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