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3 Colors Mix Patty Pan Squash


These little patty pan squashes
Just looking so sweet and small
But watch out when they start to grow
‘Cause they’ll be one big squash ball!

With their mix of three colors bright
They’ll add a splash of fun to your dish
So be sure to plant some seeds today
And enjoy these squash in your garden!



Patty Pan enthusiasts can discover a colorful mixture of Patty Pan Yellow, Mint Green, and white flowers in their gardens.

Summer squash enthusiasts can look forward to a special harvest of this flower-shaped vegetable in these three kinds!

(also known as “Bush Scallop Squash”, “Scallopini”, and “Patisson” / “Patison”)
One order has a mix of 3 species of patty pans:

1. Sunburst Yellow – butter-yellow with bright green blossom ends.

2. Benning’s Green Tint – creamy mint-green with high yields

3. Early White – bright white, the classic bush scallop

Looking for an interesting and unique summer squash?

Look no further than the Patty Pan!

These fun, 3-colored squashes are a great way to add some variety to your garden.

The seeds are easy to grow and the plants are very prolific, producing tennis ball-sized fruit.

The yellow, green tinted, and white bush scallop summer patisson scallopini seed mix is sure to provide you with plenty of delicious squash this season!

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20+ Count, 60+ Count


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