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Honey Nut Squash seeds 12 count

A delight scarcely found,
A sweetness rarely seen.
Once dry and roasted, ground;
Honey nut squash erupts onto the screen!
A crunchy treat for some,
Texture and taste galore.
Munching and show no signs of glum;
Honey nut squash sow the floors!  
Stephans sweet welcome of health;
Rolling with friendship they can’t easily be part.
All this goodness in such a shell,  
Honey nut squash is truly art.


32 in stock


Honey Nut Squash Seeds:

The Sweetest, Nuttiest Squash Seeds You’ll Ever Taste!

If you’re looking for a deliciously sweet and nutty squash seed that’s perfect for roasting, look no further than honey nut squash seeds!

These little seeds pack a big flavor punch, and they’re sure to become a new favorite in your kitchen.

Grow your garden with the delicious flavor of honey nut squash!

These 12 high-quality organic seeds are a great way to add sweetness to the variety of vegetables and herbs in your space.

Each seed has been carefully selected for its excellent taste, nutrition and freshness – perfect for enjoying all season long.

With their mild nuttiness, these squash seeds make a delicious addition to salads or simply eaten raw as a snack.


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32 in stock

Honey Nut Squash seeds 12 count

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