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Non-Woven Fabric Organic Compost

Non-woven fabric organic compost
Sure is a sight to behold
A rich and dark soil, so fertile and fine
ready to take seed and grow
From whence it came, no one can be sure
But one thing is for certain, it’s a must have for a healthy garden


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This Non-Woven Fabric Portable Large Capacity Garbage Bag is perfect for your garden!

The bag is made of organic compostable material and has sturdy handles, making it easy to carry.

The bag is also large enough to hold plenty of garbage

making it perfect for composting.

  • Size: about 45×80 cm/17.7* 31.49 inches 33 gallons


The non-woven material provides the benefits of maintaining heat and wetness protection, strength, lightness, and durability.

Growing delicious vegetables and fruits in the garden is an excellent way to create fresh organic soil.
With this bag, it can be easily stored in a compost pile and around the garden.
The organic composting bag inhales air in the middle to increase ventilation.

Material: non-woven fabric

Size: about 45×80 cm/17.7 * 31.49 inches, 33 gallons

Packing List:

1 * Organic Compost Bag



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199 in stock

Non-Woven Fabric Organic Compost

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