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4/5/6/7 Teeth Weeding Hoe

I spend my days out in the sun
Weeding and hoeing my garden
With my teeth as my only tool
I’m not sure why I do it
But I find it strangely satisfying
To see the plants grow and thrive
Under my care and attention
It’s like a part of me comes alive
When I’m surrounded by nature



The 4 5 6 7 teeth weeding hoe is the perfect tool for loosening soil and removing weeds effortlessly.

With its sharp teeth, this rake can easily loosen compacted soil and remove pesky weeds in no time.

The ergonomic design makes it easy to grip and maneuver,

while the durable steel construction ensures that this tool will last for years to come.

  • Type: Multifunctional Spade & Shovel
  • Material: Steel

Soil that can be used to plant flowers and vegetables is readily removable and untethered.

Made of extremely long-lasting carbon steel, sharp edges last longer.

Cotton growers, homeowners, and landscapers are some of the people whose jobs include utilizing home weeders, weed-killers, and sieves.

Material: Steel
Teeth  Bore diameter (mm) Shank length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm)
4 teeth 30 280 150 140
5 teeth 32 280 190 140
6 teeth 32 280 230 140
7 teeth 32 280 277 140






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4/5/6/7 Teeth Weeding Hoe

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