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Bee Bombs – gift box of 4 wildflower seed balls for pollinators

(4 customer reviews)

Seed balls for the bees,
to help them with their needs.
We want to make sure they’re doing fine,
so we give them these Bee Bombs.



Bee Bombs: The best way to help the bees!

Wildflower seed balls are the perfect way to help pollinators in your area.

By gifting a Bee Bomb, you’re not only helping the bees, you’re also helping the environment!

Our Bee Bombs are the perfect way to help pollinators in your area!

Each gift box contains 4 wildflower seed balls, which can be planted in any area to provide food and habitat for bees, butterflies, and other pollinators.

Bee Bombs are seed balls made from clay, compost, and seeds for flowers that benefit bees other pollinators.

Bee Bombs are easy to plant because they are not actually buried in soil, just placed or thrown on the soil surface, anywhere you would like to grow beautiful flowering plants and support these important insect populations.

The clay protects the seeds from insects and birds.

The compost provides organic matter and nutrients.

When conditions are right (water, sunlight), the seed ball will break down and the seeds will germinate.

Over time, they will grow into plants and flowers that provide habitat and food for pollinators.

Spring and Fall are the best times to “plant” them, to mimic what happens when these plants naturally produce seeds.

These seed balls are intended for home garden use, not for restoration projects or for undisturbed ecosystems – in that case local plants native to that specific area should be used.

We are happy to help you locate native plant seeds for your area.

Ingredients: -Dry red clay -Organic compost -Wildflower seeds: Black-eyed Susan, Purple Coneflower, Crimson Clover, Coreopsis, Sunflower, Zinnia, Borage, Cornflower, Cosmos Size:

Each Bee Bomb is approximately 1″ diameter. Box is 2.5″ x 2.5″ x 1.25″ Bee Bombs are packed in shredded Kraft paper.

Store Bee Bombs in a cool, dry place.

They will keep for months without much loss of germination. Plantables employs workers of all abilities, who used their skills to make products that enhance your garden and the environment.


4 reviews for Bee Bombs – gift box of 4 wildflower seed balls for pollinators

  1. Pamela Baker

    I bought these as a gift,she will love them! She can enjoy planting them out with her boys!
    She has a green thumb, she can make anything grow! But I know her boys will really enjoy watching them!

  2. Phoebe Wiese

    i just got them a few days ago and they’re already germinating!! they’re so adorable i love them so much

  3. Phil Frederick Jr.

    Perfectly packaged and well received by the Mrs! We’ll be planting these in our balcony garden soon!

  4. Kaylan Petrie

    This was a gift for a garden-themed bridal party and it was adored by all.

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Bee Bombs – gift box of 4 wildflower seed balls for pollinators

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