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50 Pcs Agricultural Ear Hook

These little clips
help to support the vines
of cherry tomatoes
agricultural ear hook
garden vegetables
and grapes.

They’re simple to use,
just clip them on
and the plant will grow
straight and tall.

The J-shaped hooks
hold the plants in place
while the clips keep them sturdy,
resulting in a bountiful yield.



These agricultural ear hooks are perfect for fixing fruit and vegetables in place while they grow. The buckles make it easy to attach the clips to trellises or other supports, and the fasteners keep everything secure. The greenhouses clamp fruit vegetable fastener tied clip trellis fixed buckle hook is a great way to keep your produce healthy and looking great.
50pcs U-shaped fruit cherry tomato farm vegetable vine grape support vines movie Fixed Buckle Hook.
1.The stalk’s sturdiness can be preserved through the use of j-hooks, which prevents the plant from breaking when fruit is maturing. This can impact the quality and distribution of its nutrients.
2. PP plastic, environmentally sound, impact-resistant, not easy to break, weather-resistant.
3. Create a system that will be convenient to both branches (e.g., for leaves) and easy on the hands when in use.
4. One end of the ear loop fixes the other end of the rope, which bends and modifies the flexibility based on the distance between the rope and the vine’s ear.
5. It is suitable for fixing stem plants such as loofah vine, strawberry vine, tomato vine, grape vine, cucumber vine, eggplant vine, and so forth.

Material: PP
Style: Tassel hook
Quantity: 50pcs/pack
Dimensions: 1.5×9.5cm/0.59×3.74in




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50 Pcs Agricultural Ear Hook

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