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50pcs Soilles Plantin Sponge




  • Model Number: Planting Grow Grodan Starter Cubes
  • Material: Plastic
  • Plastic Type: ABS
  • Type: Nursery Pots
  • Finishing: Not Coated



Material: rock wool

Color: green
Size: about 25x25x40mm
package included:50 pcs  Rockwool Cubes
1.Made from molten rock spun into cotton candy-like fibers and then compressed into cubes.
2.After high temperature treatment, non-toxic and sterile.
3.The bulk density is small, the texture is light, and the porosity is large.
4.Good air permeability, strong water absorption and good drainage.
5.Suitable for the cultivation and colonization of all kinds of plants.
6.Great choice for soilless planting.
Preparing and planting in rock cubes.
Soak in water for 2 minutes.
Take out from the water and place for about 15minutes.
Put seeds into the hole of cubes.
Spray water after seed inserted.
Place it in a seed tray.




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50pcs Soilles Plantin Sponge

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