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Alaskan Garden Pots

(4 customer reviews)

These old pots were once used by dogs
In the land of Alaska, they were their homes
Now, they sit here in my shop, collecting dust
I can’t help but feel some sort of emotional burst

These pots bring back memories of a simpler time
When dogs roamed free and life was just fine
I’m glad we can still appreciate their craftsmanship
And that these pots will continue to make us laugh



These whimsical, hand-crafted wooden pet planters are the perfect addition to any garden.

They not only make a beautiful display, but they’re also functional, as they can be used to grow flowers or herbs.

What’s more, these decorative gardener pieces come in a variety of fun and unique designs that are perfect for adding some personality to your outdoor space.

Alaskan styling design is aesthetically suited to decorate your balcony, windowsill, dining table, desk, desk, and room, cute and colorful appearance is well-suited for your kitchen, living room, and bedroom, and very capably matches your indoor and outdoor door decorations.

Dimensions: 13×8.26×9.4 inches

Such a great pot, such a great gift for a plant lover. A fantastic choice for gifts for friends and family, weddings, birthdays, and Christmas, among others.

4 reviews for Alaskan Garden Pots

  1. Madison Castillo

    While this item meets the looks of the pictures, the pictures make it seem much larger. The material is really squishy. Mine came dirty which will not come off no matter what I try. They marked my order shipped 2+ weeks before they even shipped it. Overall, very disappointed with the entire outcome.

    There is a video in the product link that shows that our material is PVC, and it will not appear very soft, I don’t know why you say that. And the product is easy to clean. Shipping times are fully described in our Shipping Policy.

  2. Jack Gordon

  3. lisazucarelli

    So beyond cute! Shipping took a decent amount of time. But worth it

  4. carolh2

    The quality of the item is good. I am not sure I would use it outside. Do not think it would withstand the weather. Cannot put anything heavy as far as a flower pot. Very lite weight wood. Screws and screw driver was in the kit. The painting of the dog is excellent. My biggest problem was the seller advertised “shipped from United States. That it not true it comes from another country, then shipped to your home. Misleading –

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