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Australian Shepherd Garden Pots

Australian Shepherd Garden Pots

We love our Australian Shepherds dearly,
And we enjoy having them around,
But when it comes to potting plants,
They just don’t have a clue!

Their noses lead them straight to the dirt,
And they just can’t help but dig,
No matter where we put the plants,
They always seem to find them!

But even though their garden skills are lacking,
We still can’t help but love them so,
For with their sweet faces and soft fur,
They bring joy to our lives every day!


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The Australian Shepherd Garden Pots are the perfect way to show your love for your pet while also adding some decoration to your garden!

These wooden pet planters come in a variety of sizes

making them perfect for small or large gardens.

They’re also great for indoor plants

since they have a drainage hole in the bottom.


Australian Shepherd styling design

perfect for decorating your balcony

windowsill, dining table, desk, desk and room, cute and colorful appearance is also perfect for kitchen

living room and bedroom

perfect for your indoor and outdoor door decoration.

Dimensions  13 by 8.26 by 9.4 inches.


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33 in stock

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