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1 Pound Alpaca Manure, Soil Amendment kit

(4 customer reviews)

Alpaca fertilizer,

A soil amendment kit,

Helps your garden grow,

And keeps your plants healthy.

Alpaca manure is high in nitrogen,

Which helps your plants thrive.



Looking to add some powerful nutrients to your soil without resorting to harsh chemicals?

1 Pound Alpaca Manure, Soil Amendment kit DRIED Natural Organic Beans, Alpaca Poop is perfect for you!

Our organic alpaca manure is rich in nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus, providing a major boost to your garden’s health.

This Alpaca Manure is perfect for adding some extra nutrients to your soil.

Alpacas are gentle creatures that roam the Andes Mountains, and their manure is rich in nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium – perfect for helping your plants grow!

This 1 pound bag of dried manure is easy to use – just mix it into your soil and water as usual.

Your plants will thank you!

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This is for a Sample 1 pound bag in a burlap sack **Special note.. Weight is approximate – Drying occurs and weight may change.

Alpaca Magic Beans Organic Fertilizer Manure Soil Amendment! Did you know?!?

Alpaca fertilizer improves the soil quality and its boosts its ability to retain water.

It is also good for plants with a fair amount of nitrogen and potassium and average levels of phosphorus.

Alpaca manure is ready to use, no preparation required: Here at Alpaca Key Farm we package our Alpaca Poo on site and distribute directly to you, the garden enthusiast.

Alpaca fertilizer is all natural, contains multi nutrients, and chemical free.

Alpaca fertilizer is suitable for placing around your flowers, plants, vegetables and trees. It is low odor, and won’t burn your plant also great as a tea, it’s a cold manure.

Many use: tea, in the Garden, feed some to your worms they love it! Add it to your Garden beds flower pot and watch it grow.

Quantities under 5lb comes pre-packaged in biodegradable & reusable burlap sacks – (larger quantities are shipped loose in plastic bag) – and everything is shipped in a sealed plastic bag then boxed.

Additional information

Quantity/ Weight

1 Pound Bag

4 reviews for 1 Pound Alpaca Manure, Soil Amendment kit

  1. WoolleySmitten

    I had a small window of opportunity to do some winter gardening on 1/15. I took a look at the shipping date put up by the post office and was disappointed as this was expected to arrive 01/21 so I surprised to see it arrive on 01/15! Nice and dry, no smell easy to use some rocks mixed in but no big. Used it right away. Thank you so much!

  2. Jill Waiters

  3. Linda1212

    Fabulous “beans”, already in the gardens. Thanks so much!

  4. Kyle Mayhew

    Out of delivery right on the address.. I have not got any mailbox. Yet.

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