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Compost Natural Potting Soil

Compost rich, organic potting soil
Is the perfect growing media
For your plants and flowers to thrive
It’s OMRI listed so you know it’s good
This natural soil is perfect for your garden


33 in stock


Horn of Plenty’s organic natural compost and potting soil is the best you can buy!

Aged to perfection

it is a slow process that takes place on our farm where we blend our green grasses and and brown leaves with water, air, and sunlight to create the finest, purest, darkest humus compost.

All our farming processes exclude the use of any manures, food scraps, pesticides, or additives. Our livestock never graze our land.

All the ingredients used for our produce are natural and sanitary.

Our production facilities’ double-fine screening process maintains a clean and healthy environment for the seeds.

If you’re looking for a rich, organic potting soil that’s also OMRI listed

look no further than Compost ALL.

This top-quality soil is perfect for growing all types of plants, and it even comes with one

free 4-oz scooper per order.


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33 in stock

Compost Natural Potting Soil

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