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Organic & Natural Chicken Manure Compost

Organic Natural Chicken Manure Compost
Is it black gold or just plain dirt?
Nearly any plant will thrive with a little boost
Of organic natural chicken manure compost!

It smells a bit like rotten eggs at first
But that soon dissipates and you’re left with a nice purr
Organic natural chicken manure compost is the key
To unlocking the secrets of a perfect garden spree!



Green Bird organic manure compost is enriched with organic matter and natural nutrients, making it an ideal amendment for native soils, potting soils, and raised beds.

It helps improve soil quality while also providing essential plant nutrients.

Green Bird is OMRI-listed and easy to use,

making it the perfect choice for any gardening enthusiast.

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1-cuft (22-25 lbs)


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Organic & Natural Chicken Manure Compost

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