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Black Beauty Eggplant Seeds

Large purple aubergine, brinjal and melongene
The mighty black beauty eggplant seeds
Dark and mysteriously alluring, straight from Guinea
Rich with flavour these Italian heirloom delights
Protected by their hardy shells, quite a sight to be seen
Oh, what sweet dishes they can bring to the table tonight!
With a sprinkle of garlic and herbs, impossible to fight
This magnificent vegetable that tastes out of this world is Black Beauty Eggplant Seeds



Beautiful Black Eggplants

Grow your own large, purple aubergines with our Black Beauty Eggplant Seeds.

These heirloom seeds are perfect for adding an exotic touch to your home garden.

Discover the beauty of Black Beauty Eggplant Seeds!

These large purple aubergine brinjal melongene guinea italian heirloom seeds offer an exquisite flavor that you won’t find anywhere else.

Specially grown and harvested, this variety will give your garden a stunning dark hue and delicious flavor.

A great addition to any home garden, these eggplants grow strong, fast and juicy — perfect for adding some wow factor to your dishes.

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200+ Count, 600+ Count


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Black Beauty Eggplant Seeds

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