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100% Organic Cow Manure Fertilizer – 2 Pounds

(3 customer reviews)

Organic Cow Manure Fertilizer is the best way to improve your plants’ health!

It’s rich in nutrients and helps promote growth.

Plus, it’s environmentally friendly and sustainable.

So if you’re looking for a great way to fertilize your garden,

look no further than organic cow manure fertilizer!



Due to our ever-growing population and rampant environmental destruction, we are reaching a tipping point in the growth of our planet.

The answer to reversing this trend?

More sustainable ways of producing food, including 100% organic cow manure fertilizer!

Introducing 100% organic cow manure fertilizer!

This incredibly rich fertilizer can help promote healthy plants and gardens, while also cleaning the air.

With its superb nutrient content, this product is perfect for all sorts of plants and gardens!

All manure is from our very own steers that are pictured.

The steers are corn fed, therefore their manure is not “patty-like”. It is a looser sample.

This manure is not “dried”.

You will receive only fresh manure.

Please note, you can expect a very small amount of bedding, corn, and grass in the manure.

All manure is sold in one pound sealed packages.

3 reviews for 100% Organic Cow Manure Fertilizer – 2 Pounds

  1. Renae Klein

    Delivered timely and as expected. Very pleased with the Seller!

  2. Enjoli Carree

    Customer service was great and my patient loved it. Every time a package came to the door he asked was it his coffee cup

  3. Louis

    Love my Bud label glasses , well packaged with fast shipping . Good seller that I would deal with again . Recommended, thank you.

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100% Organic Cow Manure Fertilizer – 2 Pounds

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