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5 Pounds Organic Worm Castings

There’s a miracle in the soil
Underneath our feet
It’s the black gold that makes things grow
Nourishing the root and stem
This is where life begins
The power of the worm
He churns it all up with such finesse
Delivering perfect castings
To help our plants reach for the sky


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A 5-pound dose of worm castings, all natural, high quality organic fertilizer, Worm Castings enhance the quality of soil, these are natural worm castings, your garden, your farm, and your yard will love the organic vermicompost, this is pure organic fertilizer, delivers fast plant growth and healthy plants.

They’re odor-free and nontoxic, they’re natural and come from converted farm by-products and chopped waste, our worms love to eat fruits and vegetables and excrete lots of worm castings!

They were all natural and organic fertilizer!

If you’re looking for a natural way to fertilize your soil and improve its overall health, look no further than 5 Pounds of Organic Worm Castings.

This earthy fertilizer is made from the castings of organic worms, and it is rich in nutrients that help plants grow healthy and strong.

Worm castings also work as a soil amendment, helping to improve drainage, water retention, and aeration.


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33 in stock

5 Pounds Organic Worm Castings

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