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5lbs Organic Donkey Fertilizer Manure Potted Plants Dung

(5 customer reviews)

Who would have thought something so smelly
Could be so good for my garden lily?
I’m spreading it around, giving it a good hoe
And hoping my plants will start to grow.

It’s all natural and filled with nutrients
That will help my plants grow tall and strong.
I’ll be sure to keep this up all season
And my garden will be looking There is nothing like fresh organic donkey fertilizer manure To give your plants the best chance to succeed!



Poop So Good, Your Plants Will Thank You

This organic donkey fertilizer manure is perfect for potted plants.

Packed with nutrients, it’s the perfect way to give your plants a boost.

Looking to give your plants a little extra boost?

Look no further than our 5lbs Organic Donkey Fertilizer!

Packed with essential nutrients, this organic manure is perfect for potted plants.

Best of all, it’s completely natural and sustainable.

Your plants will thank you for giving them the nourishment they need to thrive!

Organic donkey fertilizer. Great for potted plants! Single units are 5 pound bags

5 reviews for 5lbs Organic Donkey Fertilizer Manure Potted Plants Dung

  1. Patrick

    I asked the seller if this S&W SHIELD holster would fit my S&W M&P 2.0 9 (3.6 barrel). He offered to customize one to fit my need and it’s just perfect. Top quality fit, craftsmanship and stitching, it’s really a beauty!
    If you’re thinking about buying one of these Maple Creek holsters you definitely won’t be sorry.

  2. Travis Mathis

    Let me start off with saying that I like the holster and would recommend buying it, the finish is a great and my pistol fits perfectly, however there are three issue I have with the holster. First off, the trigger guard covers to much of the grip for a quick draw, at best I can get my pinky and ring finger to pull it out, second there are three plastic points inside the holster, scrapes my guns finish and last issue is ordering, I orderd the mag option I wanted the holster, didn’t realize that option comes with a holster as well so I ended up ordering two ( good thing I have 2 of the same gun ) yes I could have sent it back but in my opinion it should have been more descriptive. Other than these issues I love the holster and mag pouch not great for “oh crap” moments but awesome for hiking or something just to carry that’s comfy.

  3. Jeffrey Rasmussen

    Well built holster that fits my Heritage Rough Rider 22lr perfectly. It is a little snug but it’s leather so I’m sure it’ll loosen up over time. Would definitely purchase again for more firearms!

  4. olivia lee

    Despite the seller site saying it would take a while before it was made and shipped. It got here in two weeks! My father needed it for his new Heritage Roughrider which they only make two holsters for (this one from Etsy or the other from Amazon) it’s beautiful, not cheaply made, and does all it’s supposed to.

    Our only criticism is that because it’s so long it flips without a thigh band. So we poked some holes to put a string through to tie it to his leg. I will buy a leather strap to attach to it so it will look nicer and stay in place.

  5. Agusta

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5lbs Organic Donkey Fertilizer Manure Potted Plants Dung

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