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2 Pieces Round Coconut Fiber Liner for Garden Flower Pot

If you want to keep your plants in top condition,
put a liner in their planter.
It will keep the soil from spilling out,
and the plants will be much happier.
Coco liners are great for this,
made from natural coconut fiber.
They’ll last for years and keep your plants looking great,
while stopping the soil from flying away.



These round coco liners for planters are the perfect replacement for your old, worn out garden flower pot liners!

Made of 100% natural coconut fiber

these liners will help to keep your plants healthy and looking great all season long!

The Coco Fiber Liner is tightly woven from natural coconut fibers.
The fibers are uniformly distributed, lightweight, and durable.
Coco fabric has superior air circulation and water retention, which support clipping development.
The Coconut Liners are easy-to-use and treated using the coconut-residue steamer that retains a large quantity of water.
The plantations need a lot of extra nutrients in the soil, which can easily be spread after pouring into place.
The sun is the source of growth for the natural plants, which is supported by the earthly wind.
The Coco Liner is commonly used for climbing green plants, flowering plants, vegetables, and the like.
You can use it in the garden, balcony, patio, porch, lawn, eaves, living room, office, shop, or any type of other locations.
We facilitate you in choosing between 3 sizes of our Planter Basket Liners, including the 10 by 12-inch 14 by 14-inch, which are among the most widely used sizes choices among growers. And the loops can also be properly sized for the basket size.
The Round Basket Liner is deep enough that it is often used by stray animals as a shelter, which takes into account tomcats, birds, squirrels, and even humans for the purpose of making crafts. In addition, you can use it for home decoration purposes or to entertain your friends and family.
1. Being tightly woven from natural coconut fibers, durable and light.
2. 3 suitable sizes to choose from, 10in/12in/14in.
3. Growing plants, flowers, vegetables, etc.
4. Great decorations and nice gifts.
Name: Coconut Liner
Material: natural coconut fiber and non-woven fabric
Size: 10in/12in/14in(25.4cm/30.48cm/35.56cm)
Packing List:
2*Coconut Liners


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2 Pieces Round Coconut Fiber Liner for Garden Flower Pot

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