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Climbing Plant Support Cage

The Climbing Plant Support Cage
Is very necessary
For the climbing plant’s sake
Else it will not reach high
Into the sky.



  • Material: Plastic
    ★〖HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL〗Metal pipe plastic material, the ring is wire.
    ★〖HELP PLANT GROWTH〗In the season of flowering plants, plants can keep flowers upright, will not be crushed.
    ★〖REUSABLE〗The combination of iron and plastic materials, durable, and can be used in many seasons, Idle can be reduced, will not occupy.
    ★〖EASY TO INSTALL〗Do not need to use the product apart, just gently rotate to the appropriate angle and position can be recovered when not in use, do not occupy.
    ★〖APPLIES TO〗 It can be used for tomato, cucumber, morning glory and other rattan traction, both support functions, but also can make the growth of plant foliage better.
    Material: steel + plastic/Size: 45cm/17.71″
Package content:1XPlant Support Ring
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Climbing Plant Support Cage

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