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Horse Manure Dried Organic Fertilizer

(5 customer reviews)

Horse manure is the best natural fertilizer
It enriches the soil and helps plants grow
The nitrogen in it is essential for plant life
And it’s loaded with other minerals and nutrients

Horse manure is an excellent way to fertilize your garden
It’s cheap, natural, and easy to find
There’s no need to spend money on fancy chemicals
Just let nature do its thing  

Horse manure will help your plants thrive
It’s a perfect organic fertilizer
So if you’re looking to go green this season
Horse manure is the way to go!



Gardening is a lot of work. You love spending time outdoors, digging in the dirt, and admiring your handiwork as your plants grow.

But sometimes it feels like all of your hard work goes into maintaining your garden, with little time to enjoy it.

You’ve tried every chemical fertilizer on the market, but they either don’t work or they’re so full of toxins that you don’t want to use them on your beloved plants.


Horse manure is an excellent source of organic matter and nutrients for your garden.

Our Horse Manure Dried Organic Fertilizer is a great way to add those important ingredients back into your soil.

This high-quality fertilizer is made from 100% organic horse manure that has been dried and finely ground.

It’s an excellent amendment for Mushroom Substrate – Soil Amendment, and it’s perfect for adding essential nutrients to your garden beds and pots.

It’s fresh manure without the moisture!

We start with our finest fresh horse manure, then sun-dry and rain-rinse on our specially designed drying racks.

This is all part of our ranch’s eco-conscious manure management plan designed to keep manure contamination out of our environment and water supply while also providing high-quality soil amendments and fertilizers.



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1/8 Cubic Foot, 1/2 Cubic Foot, 1 Cubic Foot

5 reviews for Horse Manure Dried Organic Fertilizer

  1. Brian Laing

    Absolutely perfect In every way even with my confusing hassle bound way of shipping needed for packages was easily taken care of quickly with out hassle so bravo !

  2. k hinsen

    This is incredible quality, well-aged manure. I’m very happy (and so are my plants!)

  3. Nicole Cicalese

    I bought this for my rainbow dung beetles that I’m currently keeping. They seem happy with it!

  4. Brian Laing

    Ten stars every time

  5. Ryan

    Great seller, personal note added to a Poo-rfect product.

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