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Yak Manure – Dried – Natural Fertilizer – Soil Amendment

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We love our Yak Manure
Dried and all natural
The perfect fertilizer
For our garden soil
A little goes a long way
And it’s great for amendment
We highly recommend
Yak Manure!



Use yak manure to supercharge your garden and watch your plants grow bigger and healthier than ever before!

This natural fertilizer is packed with nutrients that your plants will love, and it’s easy to use.

Just add a couple handfuls to your soil each week and you’ll see the difference.

Yak manure is an excellent way to improve drainage and aeration in heavy soils, and it will help clay soils retain moisture better.

Yak manure is an excellent natural fertilizer for gardens and yards. It is high in nitrogen and other nutrients, which makes it great for promoting plant growth.

Yak manure is also a great soil amendment, helping to improve drainage and aeration while adding important organic matter to the soil.

Yak manure traditionally has many uses, from being burned as fuel to building walls.

Not only that, it has been praised for generations for its ability to improve the fertility of the land upon which the yaks have grazed.

Yaks are ruminants, like cows, so their digestive systems make great use of a generally low quality diet, and their food comes out well-digested.

Whatever you might use it for, we hope you can appreciate the care that goes into our products.

In order to bring you the finest quality, most natural product out there, we consider the entire lifecycle of our manures – from what we feed our yaks, all the way to what you fertilize, grow and feed to your family.

This product is part of our ranch’s eco-friendly manure management plan, designed to protect the local ground water and environment while providing top quality soil amendments.

We also offer the shredded version of this product!

This item ships via UPS.

Check out our other products. We also have horse manure – fresh or aged, shredded or whole.

What makes our yak manure stand out?

It’s air dried on our drying racks that are specially designed to protect the ground water – because wet yak manure doesn’t ship well

We prioritize gut health in our animals – a balanced gut microbiome produces a robust manure ecology

We don’t feed grain – yaks are designed to thrive on low quality forage, so anything else changed the natural composition of their manure

We feed only natural/local grass hay and wild forage – no GMOs, pesticides, herbicides or any other nasty stuff

We only use natural and herbal supplements – nothing we wouldn’t want in our own food

We have a wonderful, holistic veterinary team – because happy healthy yaks produce happy healthy manure Note: This is a raw manure product.

It is not pasteurized or composted. As with any such product, we do recommend the use of personal protective equipment and that you wash appropriately with soap after handling.


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4 reviews for Yak Manure – Dried – Natural Fertilizer – Soil Amendment

  1. Brad Johnson

    Product looks great and arrived on time. Thanks!

  2. Deniz Enverova

  3. bvallejo113

    Honestly I don’t even know where to begin, ELY was AMAZING ? to work with !!! I have never had such an Intimate relationship with a seller from Start to Delivery.. I will most DEFINITELY be working with her in the future and I encourage you to do the same .. just shoot her a message and you will see what I am talking about !! Also her DRIED/AGED Product is TOP SHELF !!! My Mushrooms are going to LOVE IT !! Her PRICE was On-Point, QUANTITY was Crazy and Then Some, and Delivery was (3) Days !!! So like I said ELY is AWESOME … You Can Buy her product, love it, and you will be writing a Positive review in the future, I’m sure of it !!!

  4. Chara

    Super fast shipping. Thank you!

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Yak Manure – Dried – Natural Fertilizer – Soil Amendment

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