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Although pumpkins do well around most plants, some varieties should be avoided. In addition to vines, companion planting can cause unwanted cross-pollination. Here are a few plants to plant with pumpkins to improve the flavor and increase the yield. Marigolds are an excellent choice for this purpose. They repel aphids, which can feed on the pumpkin, and nematodes, which can infect the root system. However, marigolds should be planted very close to the pumpkin or intercropped with other vegetables. Nasturtium is a great choice for this purpose, as it attracts pest-eating insects, pollinators and helps with the taste of the pumpkin.

In addition to avoiding plants with similar requirements, pumpkins should not be grown near cucumbers, zucchinis, fennel, and dill. These plants can cross-pollinate, leading to an unattractive harvest. Moreover, some species of cucurbits are antagonistic to each other, and they may end up killing each other. Therefore, it’s better to plant pumpkins away from these plants.

While companion plants are beneficial for pumpkins, they shouldn’t be planted nearby. The reason is simple: most of the plants that grow well with pumpkins do not benefit the other plant, and these are the plants that can enhance the flavor and appearance of the pumpkin. The downside to this is that they take away nutrients from the pumpkins, so a healthy crop is necessary to maximize its potential. In addition, it is important to consider the types of companion plants that will help the pumpkins.

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