Squash Seeds

We’re excited to offer a wide selection of rare and unique squash seeds that have been cultivated and preserved by small farmers throughout the United States.

At our store, we believe in the importance of preserving these special seeds to ensure that future generations can enjoy the diverse and delicious flavors of squash that have been cherished for centuries.

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    Golden Zucchini Seeds

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    Baby Bottle Gourd seeds HEIRLOOM (Lagenaria siceraria)

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    Round Zucchini Summer Squash Seeds

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    Honey Nut Squash seeds 12 count

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    Cucuzza Squash Seeds

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    Birdhouse Gourd Seeds

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    3 Colors Mix Patty Pan Squash

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    Sunburst Yellow Patty Pan Seeds

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    Cocozelle Zucchini

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    Grey Zucchini

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    Black Beauty Squash

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Squash Seeds FAQ

Squash seeds can actually be stored for several years if they are properly cared for.

The key to storing squash seeds is to keep them dry and cool. They should be stored in an airtight container in a cool, dark place.

If you follow these simple guidelines, your squash seeds will be viable for many years.

So, the next time you have a bumper crop of squash, don’t worry about planting them all right away. You can save some of the seeds for next year’s garden.

It is recommended that you plant about 5 to 10 squash seeds per hill.

You should plant the seeds about 1 to 2 inches deep in the soil.

If you are planting more than one seed per hill, thin the seedlings out so that there is only one plant per hill. When the squash plants have two or three leaves, you can fertilize them with compost or manure tea.

One squash seed will produce between two and six squash fruits.

The average weight of a squash fruit is between six and eight pounds.

The average weight of a seed is between one-half and one ounce.

There are approximately 30 seeds in one pound.

Growing squash from seed is a easy and rewarding process that can be done in just a few short weeks.

With a little patience and the right conditions, you can be enjoying fresh squash picked straight from your own garden in no time.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when growing squash from seed:

-Squash seeds need warm temperatures to germinate, so it’s best to start them indoors about 2-3 weeks before the last frost date in your area.

-Sow the seeds in individual pots or cell trays filled with moistened potting mix or vermiculite. Cover the seeds with a thin layer of soil and keep them moist but not wet.

-Once the seedlings have emerged, give them plenty of light by placing them under grow lights or near a sunny window.

Squash seeds germinate best at temperatures between 70 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit, with most varieties germinating within 12 days.

The ideal soil temperature for squash seed germination is 60-65 degrees Fahrenheit.

If the soil temperature is too cold, the seeds may not germinate at all.

If the soil temperature is too hot, the seeds may germinate unevenly or produce weak seedlings.

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