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Eggplant Seeds

We are passionate about offering a selection of eggplant seeds that have been carefully preserved by small farmers who are committed to preserving the unique qualities of these seeds.

Our online store’s eggplant seed shop is proud to support these farmers and to offer a diverse selection of rare and special eggplant seeds.

  • Rare pure white heirloom eggplant "Aysberg" organic seed

    Rare pure white heirloom eggplant “Aysberg” 30+ organic seed

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  • Easter Egg dwarf eggplant seeds

    Easter Egg dwarf eggplant seeds

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  • Striped Togo Eggplant Seeds | Heirloom | Organic

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  • Patio Baby Eggplant Organic Seeds

    Patio Baby Eggplant Organic Seeds

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  • Shooting Stars eggplant seeds

    Shooting Stars eggplant Seeds

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  • Round Purple Eggplant Seeds

    Round Purple Eggplant Seeds

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  • Eggplant Little Fingers Organic Seed

    Eggplant Little Fingers Organic Seed

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  • Eggplant Snowy Organic Seed

    Eggplant Snowy Organic Seed

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  • Mini Eggplant Little Fingers seeds

    Mini Eggplant Little Fingers seeds

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  • Turkish Orange Eggplant Seeds

    Turkish Orange Eggplant Seeds

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  • Black Beauty Eggplant Seeds

    Black Beauty Eggplant Seeds

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  • Sale! Chinese Eggplant Seeds

    Chinese Eggplant

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  • Rosa Bianca Eggplant

    Rosa Bianca

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  • THAI ROUND PURPLE Eggplant seeds

    THAI ROUND PURPLE Eggplant seeds

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  • Eggplant Organic Seeds

    Eggplant Black Beauty

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Eggplant Seeds FAQ

To plant eggplant seeds, start them indoors about 6-8 weeks before the last frost date in your region.

Fill a seed tray or pots with seed starting mix and sow the seeds about 1/4 inch deep.

Keep the soil moist and provide plenty of light until the seedlings are ready to be transplanted outdoors.

The best time to plant eggplant seeds depends on your climate.

In most regions, it is best to start the seeds indoors and transplant them outdoors after the last frost has passed and the soil has warmed up.

Eggplant seeds generally take about 5-10 days to germinate.

Eggplants typically take about 70-85 days to reach maturity and be ready for harvest.

Yes, eggplant seeds can be saved and used to grow more eggplants.

It is important to select seeds from healthy, high-quality eggplant plants to ensure a strong, productive crop.

Yes, there are many different types of eggplant seeds available, including various sizes, shapes, and colors.

Yes, eggplants can be grown in containers as long as the container is large enough to support the plant and has good drainage.

Make sure to provide the plants with plenty of sunlight and water regularly.

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