Lettuce Seeds

Our lettuce  seeds are crispy and bursting with flavor, making them the perfect addition to any meal or snack.

Plus, they’re packed with health benefits, including being rich in antioxidants and healthy fats, making them a guilt-free indulgence.

Whether you’re a health enthusiast, a foodie, or simply love a tasty and nutritious snack, our lettuce  seed collection is guaranteed to satisfy your cravings.

  • Parris Island Romaine Seeds

    Parris Island Romaine Seeds

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  • Green Curled Ruffec Endive Seeds

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  • Cimmaron Red Romaine Lettuce Seeds

    Cimmaron Red Romaine Lettuce Seeds

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  • Mesclun Mix Lettuce Seeds

    Mesclun Mix Lettuce Seeds

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  • Buttercrunch Butterhead Lettuce Seeds

    Buttercrunch Butterhead Lettuce Seeds

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  • Tom Thumb Lettuce Seeds

    Tom Thumb Lettuce Seeds

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  • Freckles Romaine Lettuce Seeds

    Freckles Romaine Lettuce Seeds

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  • Ruby Red Lettuce Seeds

    Ruby Red Lettuce Seeds

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  • Gourmet Mix Lettuce Greens Seeds

    Gourmet Mix Lettuce Greens Seeds

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  • Broadleaf Batavian Endive Seeds

    Broadleaf Batavian Endive Seeds

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  • Salad Bowl Leaf Lettuce Seeds

    Salad Bowl Leaf Lettuce Seeds

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  • Do onions like coffee grounds?

    Crisphead Iceberg Lettuce Seeds

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  • Parris Island Romaine Lettuce Seeds

    Parris Island Romaine Lettuce Seeds

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  • Endive Sugar Loaf

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  • Buttercrunch Lettuce Organic Seeds

    Buttercrunch Lettuce

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Lettuce Seeds FAQ

A lettuce seed is a small, hard seed that is used to grow lettuce plants.

To plant lettuce seeds, prepare a sunny or partially shaded area in your garden with well-draining soil.

Sow the seeds in a shallow trench, about 1/4 inch deep and 6 inches apart.

Water the seeds regularly and thin out any overcrowded seedlings as needed.

Lettuce seeds can be planted in the spring, as soon as the soil can be worked, or in the fall in mild climates.

Lettuce seeds generally take about 7-14 days to germinate.

Lettuce typically takes about 30-70 days to reach maturity, depending on the variety.

Yes, lettuce seeds can be saved and used to grow more lettuce.

It is important to select seeds from healthy, high-quality lettuce plants to ensure a strong, productive crop.

Yes, there are many different types of lettuce seeds available, including butterhead, romaine, leaf, and crisphead varieties.

Yes, lettuce seeds can be grown indoors in pots or containers with a soil-less seed starting mix.

Make sure to provide plenty of light and keep the soil moist, but not waterlogged.

When the seedlings are large enough, they can be transplanted outdoors.

Organic Seeds

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